1. Full Shoulder

Measure back across from shoulder seam to seam

2. Sleeves

Measure sleeves from shoulder seem to length desired


Measure around body well up under arm holes. Place 1 finger in between tap measure

4. Stomach

Measure around stomach line

5. Length

Measure from lower collar seam tolength desired

6. Back Length

Measure below of collar seam to length desired

7. Neck

Measure around the Neck. Place 1 finger in between tape

8. Waist

Measure around Waist Line. Place 1 finger in between tape measure

9. Hips

Measure around hips at widest point of seat but not tight

10. Crotch (U)

Measure from center front top of trousers around crotch to top back

11. Length

Measure from top of Waist band to bottom of cuff

12. Knee

Measure width around the knee as shown

13. Thigh

Measure width around the thigh start below crotch (Biggest part of thigh)

14. Inseam Length

Measure as shown from the lower crutch to the bottom of your trouser.

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