01 April 2023


Ritikhush Suits are hand stitched and have canvasses comprising of horsehair and wool, to maintain their appearance after years of wear. We personally pay meticulous attention to all details on the construction of our suits. Through years of experimentation and practice, Ritikhush has developed this technique of "moulding" clothing close to the body.

A perfect fit is virtually impossible because ready made suits are cut from standard patterns. Ready-made suits, however, are generally fused (glued) rather than hand sewn. They feel stiff in the chest, lapels, pockets and collar. After some wear and cleaning usually in a year, the glue dries out and layers of fabric " bubble " pulling apart. Nothing can be done to prevent or correct this process. In the long run ready made suits are more expensive than custom-made, which lasts ten years or more.


Armholes are shaped by hand to ensure longer wear and to conform to the natural shape of the body, therefore aligning the fabric perfectly through the armhole so it appears to be a continuous flow of fabric with no interruptions in the lines. Shoulder pads are individually cut and hand sewn. Six hundred individual stitches go into the formation of the lapel, thus maintaining its shape for the life of the suit.

Chest canvas is comprised of tightly woven horsehair covered with soft cotton for a smooth individualized fit.
Full lining of 100% silk, cotton or silk/cotton mix is hand basted into place prior to sewing to assure conformity with body movements. It never sags even after wear and cleaning. Hand sewn pockets softly mould to the body without stiffness, double stitched for reinforcement. Comfortable no-roll waistband creates a relaxed fit. Highest quality pockets, extra deep, are reinforced to ensure shape retention and durability. Premium grade lining from waist to knees protects vulnerable areas of wear in the crotch and knees. Tape placed in hems protects the fabric from fraying due to constant contact with shoes.

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