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4 Ways to Style a Classic White Shirt

If there is one item in the closet that every man should have, it’s the classic white shirt. Whether it’s made from crisp cotton or linen, the tailored shape of a button-down shirt can make any outfit feel perpetually sophisticated, elegant and versatile.

You can pair it with your suit and wear it to the office. You can tuck it into your favorite denim for a laid back weekend look. Depending on the occasion, the utmost importance lies in choosing the right shirt style. Regardless, the ease of dressing a white shirt down or up makes it truly a closet staple that can never lose its allure.

Therefore, we have curated 4 ways you can turn your white shirts into a multitude of masterful looks.

  1. White Shirt with a Suit

Need to get down to business? One of the most classic ways to wear a white shirt nicely is by teaming it with a dark navy or charcoal suit and a pair of formal shoes such as brogues or loafers. To give this style a formal look, we suggest choosing a white shirt that has: 

  • Fabric – Plain Seas Island/ Plain Egyptian Cotton/ Herringbone
  • Collar – Medium Spread/ Wide Spread/ Tab Collar
  • Cuff – Single Cuff/ Double Cuff
  1. White Shirt with Shorts 

Nothing shouts summer more than the white shirt and bermuda shorts combo. To keep your look fresh and laid back, go for fitted pastel shorts or any good contrasting colour. Since it’s an item essential for the warmer months, a white shirt is something that we would definitely keep grabbing from the hanger, making it worth every penny. We would recommend going for a white shirt with the following: 

  • Fabric – Plain Linen/ Sea Island Cotton
  • Collar – Button Down/ Medium Spread Soft
  • Cuff – Two Button V Cut/ Single Cuff
  1. White Shirt with Chinos

Looking for a truly stylish aesthetic in the smart casual territory? Then this chino combo look is something you’ll definitely want to throw together. It’s easy to pull off and can make an otherwise workaday assemble into something insanely cool. To give your regular kit a serious stylish punch, pair your white shirt with chinos of colour variants like khaki, cream, sand or navy blue. If you want to push it an extra mile, use this moment to try chinos with a print like a pinstripe, which could elevate your outfit into something bolder. To give you limitless opportunities for your chinos, we would advise you to chose a shirt of the following: 

  • Fabric – Plain Linen/ Sea Island Cotton/ French Oxford
  • Collar – Button Down/ Kent Collar
  • Cuff – Two Button V Cut/ Single Cuff
  1. White Shirt with Jeans 

Jeans go with almost anything, and a white shirt is no different. Stay preppy and carefree by putting together your white shirt with a pair of black or blue slim or skinny fit jeans. Add an extra flair by rolling up your sleeves and throwing in a pair of white sneakers or loafers and a brown leather belt. To keep this look simple and stylish, we recommend going for a white shirt that is made of:

  • Fabric – Plain Egyptian Cotton/ French Oxford/ Twill
  • Collar – Button Down/ Kent Collar/ Medium Spread
  • Cuff – Two Button V Cut/ Single Cuff

All in all, the white shirt is truly diverse and versatile, and is a must have in every gentleman’s wardrobe. A wise man once said, “Things a man can’t have too many of are white shirts because they are the foundation to any stylish guy’s wardrobe.” With the countless ways you can wear a white shirt, it is unquestionably an investment to add a couple to your wardrobe, but make sure they’re all one that fits you perfectly!

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